I need a Product Manager but can’t afford one

When will we hit the hockey curve growth?

I’m hiring my first Product Manager, I need help!

Got a team and funding but can’t get growth?

I need better processes to deliver a great product!

I built this website for companies that are exploring hiring their first product manager.

I help companies grow by improving their user engagement, conversion, and retention metrics.

You can hire me directly or use all the free resources on this site to build a better product function in your company.

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The Untold Story of Unofficial Product Managers

Hey, guess what? Product management is happening at your company, even if you don't have someone officially wearing the 'Product Manager' cape. Often falls to founders, developers, and marketers who unofficially take on this role. In the chaotic world of startups, where everyone wears multiple hats, daily product decisions occur without coordination or clarity.

Here's the catch: this lack of structure makes sense in early-stage startups. Yet, as your startup matures, these product-related tasks can impede strategic business growth. Those acting as surrogate product managers must shift focus towards core business functions, like founders concentrating on hiring and fundraising.

In essence, while your team may initially thrive in this 'many hats' environment, it eventually becomes essential to establish clear roles, responsibilities, and communication channels to sustain growth and success. Product management should transition from being an afterthought to a strategic pillar of your business.

Because they’re the heroes you deserved, but not the ones you need right now.

Is your startup stuck in an endless maze?

Feature bloat
The product is filled with unnecessary features and functionalities that overwhelm users, making it difficult to navigate and understand. This can result from a lack of clear product prioritisation and focus.
Inconsistent User Experience
Users face confusion and frustration due to inconsistent design and functionality. Often stemming from poor internal communication.
Lack of Data Infrastructure
No data infrastructure means missing out on valuable insights for effective product management and decision-making.
Slow Response
Resolution of bugs and user complaints caused by ineffective product management, harms reputation and user satisfaction.
Undefined Product Strategy
Lack of product strategy and roadmap leads to unfocused, disjointed development, wasting resources and lacking cohesive vision.
Overworked and frustrated
Founders are seeing a fall in their effectiveness. They desperately want to shift focus on hiring, fundraising and the other million things vying for their attention but cannot.

Make something people want.

Embrace continuous learning and iterative improvement through disciplined product management. Whether it's creating an MVP or launching an internal product, commit to effective practices: clear communication, user-centered design, strategic planning, data analysis, and customer value delivery.

I will help you with two things

Optimise your product for your core audiences and position in the market
Help you become more efficient so you don't feel like you never have enough time

Here's the truth: Hiring your 1st PM is hard and expensive. And you can’t go on Upwork or Fiver.

You need someone who thinks holistically along product, engineering, marketing and growth and is willing to try their hand at all of them with you in the trenches. Often the role is more about helping install a cultural shift and new ways of working than anything else. 

How I can help you

We can chat over video calls as long as you want. That right, as many sessions as you need. Honestly, no strings, no conditions, it would be my pleasure. Why? 

1) I do not want to exclude any startups based on money. Been there. 

2) This helps my sales tremendously (obvs huh?)

3) I LOVE speaking with startups!

You can hire me per hour, per day, project based, contract or full time. 

Per hour; 

I keep my hourly rates ridiculously low. Why? I believe in ‘try before you buy’. 

Also, similar to the free calls and free resources; 

  • I do not want to exclude any startups based on money. Been there. 
  • This helps my sales tremendously (obvs huh?)

Unfortunately I can only do a limited number of hours per month. If I have a full time role this option will of course not be available. 

Contract and Full time roles

I am open to full time - contract or permanent - roles within Product Management. Open to being approached by recruiters and hiring managers. Happy to share my CV and go through your application processes like everyone else. 

There is a slight catch though

Working with startups tends to be all consuming, so of course I only work with 1 company at a time. Once I get hired, I tend to only be available for pro bono work on the weekends. 

Book a FREE clarity call with me to see if we have any chemistry! We’ll discuss your challenges, your current constraints and create a roadmap for you to meet your goals. 

If it's not a great fit, at least you’ll pick up a bunch of quick wins and knowledge bombs to help you!

Want to think it over?

I’ve put together my framework for free so you can get a feel for how I think. This email course gives you the right questions to ask and a bunch of super clear steps to take to make the needle move!

It’s FREE. If my email course sucks, just unsubscribe. Right? YOLO.

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